What Should You Use for Web Design? WordPress vs Wix

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wordpress vs wix

Did you know over 1.8 billion websites exist? It may seem hard to compete with that many other websites, but having a good design can help.

Before you start designing your site, though, you should compare WordPress vs. Wix. While both web builders are popular, one might be better for you than the other.

Read on to learn which one you should use.

Design Options

One of the most important factors to consider when comparing WordPress vs. Wix is your design options. If you can’t customize the design of your site, you’ll have a hard time creating the site of your dreams.

WordPress has tons of free and premium themes you can use to build your site. You can even install a page builder, so you won’t have to use code.

Wix uses templates, which are similar to themes. However, you won’t be able to change your template after you select one and publish your site, which can limit your design options in the future.

Ease of Use

WordPress and Wix both offer tools that make them easy to use. If you use WordPress, you’ll have access to a backend editor where you can use code, but you don’t have to.

While WordPress has a bit of a learning curve, it’s easy to use once you learn the ropes. Then, you’ll be able to customize your site in a lot of ways.

However, Wix is easy to use from the beginning. It features a drag and drop visual editor that shows you your changes as you make them. It’s a great option for people who aren’t good with technology.

For eCommerce

If you want to build an eCommerce site, you need a website builder with the right features. Luckily, both Wix and WordPress allow you to create an online store.

WooCommerce is the most popular plugin for WordPress stores. You can sell physical products as well as services and digital products, and you can offer subscriptions. The basic version is available for free.

If you have a paid Wix plan, you can also access eCommerce solutions. There are some eCommerce features, including different payment gateways. However, WordPress offers more eCommerce options.

For Blogging

A great way to promote and grow your business is with a blog, and you can add one to your site. If you want to build a successful, blog, consider how Wix and WordPress compare.

WordPress is the best website platform for blogs because that was its original purpose. With WordPress, you can publish posts and manage comments and other content without any third-party tools.

If you go with Wix, you can start a blog as well. But you can’t publish private posts like you can on WordPress. You’ll also need to use a third-party tool to handle comments, which can be inconvenient.

SEO Tools

Another one of the significant advantages of WordPress is the SEO functionality. There are so many WordPress plugins that help you optimize your website for search engines.

Whether you need help with individual pages or the entire site, you can use a plugin to help. Then, you can make sure your website is ready for people to find when they use Google.

Wix does have a few SEO tools as well, but there aren’t as many options as with WordPress. You’ll need to use the tools from Wix, so you can’t get assistance from third-party plugins.

Apps and Plugins

When designing a website, you may not have everything you want or need at the start. Luckily, both WordPress and Wix offer plugins and apps, respectively, which can add more functions to your site.

WordPress offers thousands of plugins, some of which are free. You can find plugins for everything from SEO to site security to appointment scheduling.

While there aren’t as many Wix apps, you can find something for a lot of different functions. That way, you can include a contact form, email marketing, and other features on your site.

Data Portability

Being able to move your site may not matter now, but it can be essential in the future. If you decide you want to switch to a different platform or host, you should know how that will work.

WordPress lets you export all of the content on your site, so you don’t have to rewrite anything. That way, you can switch to a different WordPress host or platform, and your site won’t be down for that long.

Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages to Wix is that it’s not that easy to export your content. While you can export your blog posts, you’ll need to copy and paste your pages and download media files individually.


When looking at the best platform for web design, you should also consider how much it costs. Whether or not you outsource your website development, you’ll need to cover the maintenance costs after the fact.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that you can choose from dozens of web hosts at all price points. If you have a small business budget, you can look for a more affordable option, and you can upgrade later.

On the other hand, Wix is a platform and host in one, so it only offers a few plans. Now, you can use Wix for free, but the paid plans start at the same or a higher price than many suitable WordPress hosting plans.

Who Should Use WordPress

WordPress is great for businesses that don’t want to worry about limitations now or in the future. Whether you want to start a blog or an online store, WordPress can help you do that.

Who Should Use Wix

Wix is a better option for new business owners and people without much technical experience. If you know you won’t grow your business much, Wix has enough features to get you going.

Reviewing WordPress vs. Wix

When you want to build a website, you need to know where to do it. Comparing WordPress vs. Wix can tell you a lot about some of the most popular website builders.

Then, you can decide which option is better for your wants and needs. Consider how you plan to use the website and your overall goals so that you can make the right choice.

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