Can Regular Blogs Help My SEO?

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About 82% of marketers currently invest in content marketing. Another 69% actively invest time in SEO. As a result, 51% of these businesses publish content every day.

Can regular blogs really improve your SEO rankings? Read on to find out.

After reading this guide, you can determine if it’s time to add regular SEO blogs to your strategy. Discover the impact regular blog posts have on search engine rankings today.

Keep Your Site Fresh

Google prioritizes website content that’s unique and fresh. Posting blog content on a regular schedule will keep your website current. Otherwise, people who visit your website might only find old, irrelevant content.

If your content isn’t relevant to their current needs and interests, the visitor will leave without exploring your site. When people leave without clicking around, it can cause a higher bounce rate. A high bounce rate indicates you’re offering a negative user experience.

Google considers your on-page user experience, bounce rate, and dwell times when determining rankings.

Keeping your blog fresh with new content can help show consumers you’re in the know. You can keep them on your website longer as they find the information they need.

Meanwhile, Google will recognize you’re not delivering outdated information. Your fresh content will tell Google your site is alive and offering new posts. Google will have more of a reason to crawl and index your content, allowing you to improve your rankings.

Developing an SEO strategy can give you a reason to keep your site full of fresh posts.

Target a Variety of Keywords

In order to develop a strong search engine optimization strategy, you’ll need to gather keyword research. Keyword research can help you better understand the user’s search intent. You can align your content to the consumer’s needs, making your posts more relevant.

Posting regular blogs will help you rank for these keywords.

Ranking for relevant, long-tail keywords can help you appear in front of ideal customers. Long-tail keywords include four or more words. Since these search terms are longer, they’re usually more precise.

Appearing for specific keywords will help you rank for relevant searches. Providing consumers with the information they need could help you generate more leads and sales. If your content doesn’t align with their search intent, however, the visitor will leave, increasing your bounce rate.

Try targeting a new long-tail keyword for each blog post you create. Add secondary keywords to your content to appear for related searches, too.

With fresh keyword research, you can keep coming up with new content ideas to post regularly.

Generate Natural Backlinks

Backlinks are links that appear on other websites before sending a consumer to your blog content. Someone who comes across your blog content might want to reference your post within their piece. Then, you can generate a natural backlink.

Companies that blog get 97% more links to their website. You need backlinks in order to rank higher on Google. Quality backlinks can help increase your domain authority, boosting your SEO rankings.

Improving your SEO rankings will help more people find your business online.

Meanwhile, you’ll start generating traffic from the website that created the backlink to your site. Generating more traffic will tell Google you’re providing readers with helpful content.

Google might decide to improve your rankings further, helping you reach even more potential customers.

Gain Brand Mentions

If you’re not creating fresh blog content, people might not have a reason to visit your site or discover your brand. Once they do discover your site, people might decide to share your content with others.

As they share your content on other platforms, you’ll gain brand mentions.

Brand mentions are an off-page SEO technique that can help benefit your rankings.

Creating more blog content can help position your brand in front of new people. It can also help you generate more social media engagement. Each mention of your brand could help you reach a new customer.

Demonstrate EAT

Google also looks for content that provides readers with valuable information. Posting regular blog content can help you demonstrate EAT. EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

Writing with EAT in mind can help build your credibility. Consumers might even view you as a thought leader in your industry.

Gaining credibility could encourage consumers to trust your brand, which can help you generate more sales.

Increase Dwell Times

When someone visits your website through Google and decides to stick around, it signals to Google that your site is helpful.

Increasing how long people spend on your site (your dwell time) can boost your search engine rankings. Visitors might continue exploring your content if you have multiple posts.

If they only find a single blog, however, they might leave without exploring further.

Gain More Internal Links

Creating fresh content on your blog will allow you to reference your own content within your blog posts. You can create internal links to send readers to other pages on your site. Adding internal links to your content can increase dwell times and benefit the user’s experience.

Creating more internal links can also help Google better understand your content. You can strengthen your connection to your target keywords, encouraging Google to boost your rankings.

You can discover helpful internal linking best practices here.

Give Visitors a Reason to Return

If you fail to update your website with fresh content regularly, visitors won’t have a reason to come back. An informative, active blog can encourage them to continue visiting your website.

Generating ongoing traffic can benefit your rankings. It could also encourage repeat visitors to continue shopping from your store.

Start Sharing Regular Blogs to Boost Your SEO Today

Don’t let your website grow stale with outdated blog content. Instead, consider how regular blogs can improve your SEO rankings. With fresh content and higher rankings, you can start reaching more customers.

Generating more brand visibility could help you gain fresh leads and sales.

You can discover more amazing benefits of SEO marketing here.

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