11 Ecommerce Website Design Tips for Boosting Sales in 2022

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Today, more than ever, businesses need a website. If your company sells a product or offers a service, you need an eCommerce website design that will allow consumers to access you online.

Why? In 2021 online sales were reaching $871 billion. Whether you currently have an eCommerce site or considering creating one, that’s a huge incentive.

Having an eCommerce website doesn’t automatically generate sales. However, the right design will increase your bottom line. Keep reading to learn what eCommerce web design tips will help boost sales in 2022.

1. A Clean ECommerce Website Design

When you look at most eCommerce websites, they have one thing in common…a clean web design. Site visitors may find a website with a lot of flash intriguing, but it doesn’t sell products.

Your website layout should reflect your brand. If you’re selling home decor, choose a simple design that focuses on your products. Neutral colors for an eCommerce website are best. Also, stay away from busy background images.

2. Mobile And User-Friendly

Mobile and user-friendly sites are how to design eCommerce websites that increase usability continues to top web design trends.

Mobile-friendly websites are websites that are converted for use on mobile devices. Your website has to get converted for mobile usage. Otherwise, when customers access your website on smartphones and tablets, the layout can become distorted.

User-friendly designs make navigation easy regardless of the computer or device. Menu options are clear and easily accessible. Only place items on your home page that improve user experience.

Examples of relevant content are banners with new arrivals. Include your latest industry blog posts, or announce a promotion.

3. Enhanced Security Features

Security is important to customers. They want to ensure their data is safe when shopping online. Website design services must comply with security regulations. Ask the web host if they offer a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

An E-Commerce website design requires multiple layers of protection to secure confidential information. Here are four vital features:

  • Purchasing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Address Verification System (AVS)
  • Credit Card Verification Value (CVV)
  • Secure Password Creation

An enhanced layer of security requires users to change their websites at regular intervals. Do not allow them to use the same password more than once.

4. Enhanced Shopping Carts

E-Commerce web design tips for 2022 enhance your shopping carts to encourage purchases. Optimize product pages with vivid images and product descriptions. Incorporate “Shop Now” buttons that are visible on each page.

Each product box needs a “Buy Now” button. Include a shopping cart icon with a counter in the website’s top banner. Use the counter to remind the customer they have items in their cart.

If the client attempts to exit the site without purchasing, include a pop-up reminder with an option to save the cart.

Make check-out easy but attempt to gather information, including emails. If the user abandons the cart, the site can auto-generate an email reminder. The reminder includes the items in the cart and assistance to help complete the purchase.

5. Place Emphasis On Images And Videos

Images and videos are increasing in popularity. They also have the ability to magnify the visibility of a product.

Multiple tools on the market can enhance photos. Make sure your images are clean and highlight what you’re selling. Don’t waste space showing poor-quality photos that have no relevance.

When it comes to video, shorter is better. Use minute-long or shorter clips to create visuals for your product or a verbal description. Informational videos are also useful to describe uses for a product or to introduce new items.

6. Give Shoppers Payment Options

For eCommerce website design, give shoppers multiple ways to make payments. Having options increases the likelihood of a purchase.

In addition to offering major credit cards, it also offers online payment providers like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. It’s also worth exploring delayed and installment payments offered by PayPal and Afterpay.

7. Returns And Shipping

Offering consumers the ability to return items is an individual business choice. However, having some form of a return policy can help a customer decide to purchase.

Informing consumers of your return policy is essential.

Another piece of information is shipping. Both shipping and return policies need to be easily accessible before the consumer completing their purchase.

8.  Encourage Reviews

Consumer reviews can help promote your products. They also give online businesses an incentive to offer quality products and great customer service.

For this eCommerce web design tip, we encourage you to utilize review apps. These apps are embedded in your website and can also have social components. Use both ratings and written reviews.

Encourage reviews by allowing users to share their reviews to social sites. If your website offers member pages, the review will populate their image.

9.  Utilize Social Sharing

Social media is essential to optimizing traffic to and from your website. Include social buttons on your website banner and footer. The buttons are set to direct the site visitor to your social channels.

You can also include social media buttons that allow users to share content from your website to their various social media pages.

10. Include A FAQ Page

A FAQ page is vital for all websites. Your FAQ page consists of common questions and answers. You can build on this page by using the most asked questions from customers and visitors.

11. Go With AI Technology

In 2022 eCommerce website designs should include AI chatbots that can assist customers while on site. If the chatbot can’t answer the question, the site visitor can send an instant message to a team member and receive an immediate response.

Optimize Your ECommerce Site Today

The eleven eCommerce website design tips provided in this article will give your eCommerce site the boost it needs. Before rolling out the updates to your audience, perform a test run to ensure all features are working.

If you need eCommerce website design services, contact us today. We’d love to assist you with building an eCommerce site that gets results.

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