5 Profitable Google AdWords Tips from the Pros

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Google is your best friend if you’re serious about building your online business. Alphabet Inc. currently controls 76% of all online searches.

The buyer’s journey almost always begins with a search engine. 81% of customers research conduct product research before making a large purchase, for instance.

With Google, and search engine marketing (SEM) in general, being so powerful, there are a lot of businesses competing for those coveted spots on Google’s front page. That makes it difficult to rank for profitable keywords, especially in competitive industries and niches.

Google AdWords is your fast-track to the front pages of the SERPs. You have to go it about it the right way for it to be profitable and effective, however.

Here are 5 Google AdWords tips to help you master the PPC platform.

5 Google AdWords Tips From The Pros

Mastering Google AdWords involves several sets of disciplines. You’ll need to think like a digital marketer, calculating your advertising budget and conducting some keyword research. You’ll also have to be an advertiser, creating compelling copywriting and attractive visuals for your products or services.

When it’s done correctly, however, you can strike gold. Google ads yield almost 4x as many click-throughs as organic search results. Many of those clicks lead to actual conversions, as well.

We’re going to show you how to master Google AdWords so your paid advertising gets the most bang for its buck.

#1: Listen To Google  

One of the best things about doing business in the digital age is it removes the guesswork from constructing a successful business strategy. You don’t have to wonder how to use Google AdWords effectively. They tell you exactly what they’re looking for to succeed on their ad platform.

Google has a list of best practices, showing exactly what they look for in their ads. Aligning your headlines, keywords, and content. Otherwise, Google may consider your ad low-quality. You’ll end up paying more money for a lower position on the paid ad results.

#2: Structure Your Accounts Properly

Search engines are still computer programs, even if they’re large, intricate, and elaborate. Computer programs rely on a logical structure to determine what a piece of content is about. Grouping your Google AdWords campaigns in a sensible way helps your ads climb to the top of the sponsored search results.

Say you’re running a real estate business. You run one ad that’s intended to appeal to investors. You might also run a second ad more tailored towards people looking to buy a home.

For each ad campaign, you should come up with a relevant list of keywords. Then create headlines and descriptions for each AdWords ad that is pertinent to your keywords list.

#3: Consider Location and Dimensions

One danger of DIY ad campaigns is business owners are not always expert digital marketers. There are key Google AdWords features that inexperienced PPC marketers might not know about. This results in clicks that don’t convert, costing you money instead of generating income.

One simple AdWords hack is simply selecting the ‘People in my targeted area’ option. This eliminates people only looking for your location or a keyword. These are much less likely to result in actual conversions.

You should also pay attention to the ‘Dimension’ section. This is where you’ll get key info on how your ad is performing. You’ll be able to tell how often someone clicked your ad and how much each click cost.

This helps you optimize your ad campaign as you go. This is one of the main benefits of digital marketing over more traditional ad campaigns.

Previously, you’d have to wait until the end of a quarter to receive your metrics. You can fine-tune your advertising and marketing every day, if you wish, as opposed to four times a year. This can save countless amounts of money, energy, and resources over the span of a year.

#4: Use Exact Keywords and avoid Negative Keywords

Failing to fine-tune your Google AdWords campaign can cost a fortune. It costs you money every time someone clicks your ads, remember. You want to make sure the people who are clicking are the ones who are going to be buying.

Google AdWords is set to ‘Broad Search’ by default. This means your ad shows up if any of your keywords show up in the search. Changing this to ‘Exact Match’ helps target your ad to people who are looking for what you have to offer.

You can also further target your ad by eliminating certain negative keywords. People searching for things like ‘cheap’ or ‘free’ are more likely to bounce from site to site, looking for deals. It’s better to go for the safe bet than the risky gamble when it’s costing you money.

#5: Use Search Network Campaigns

Another beautiful thing about digital marketing is you don’t have to go it alone. Communities are your friend. They are also a powerful component of profitable marketing campaigns.

Search networks are one of the most sure-fire ways to make sure your AdWords ads are appearing in front of your intended audience. They offer extensive customization and targeting abilities, for starters. They also show up where people are more likely to be looking for them, as an additional benefit.

Search networks ads show up on web pages rather than the SERPs. This means they’re more likely to appear to people who are actively looking for solutions. This means they’re further along in the buyer’s journey and much more likely to spend actual cash.

Joining a search network also gives you access to further keyword ideas which can be useful for your Display Results.

Digital marketing and eCommerce are becoming increasingly prevalent as information technology continues to intertwine with our daily lives. As the digital economy continues to shift and morph, it is our job as business owners and digital marketers to make sure we follow up on every opportunity and trend. The pay-off can be staggering.

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