High Bounce Rate? 7 Solutions to Keep Visitors’ Interest

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high bounce rate

Are you dealing with a high bounce rate?

This is when a site sees traffic, but people leave without performing some kind of action. They leave without signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product.

How can you remedy this sort of issue? What kind of bounce rate should you feel concerned about?

We’ve got seven solutions right here for you to consider. Read our list and learn how you can improve bounce rates today:

1. Improve Site Speed

Building for SEO is one of the main steps when initially designing your website. One major factor to consider is your website’s speed. The faster your pages, the better.

Page speed is a major factor when it comes to organic SEO and ads performance. Most people will leave a page if it can’t load in 3 seconds. That’s a small window, but ignoring this could lead to thousands of people abandoning your page.

Not sure how to fix high bounce rate affected by page speed? First, try to eliminate all unnecessary elements, like Flash videos or background music. The next step is to compress and optimize assets that consume bandwidth, such as images.

2. Visuals Matter

Always assume that visitors will judge your site by how it looks. If it doesn’t look visually pleasing, organized, or modern, then there’s a big chance they’ll leave. By poor visuals alone, you already increased your bounce rate, and this hurts your business.

Use negative space to let important elements breathe and draw attention. Create a visual hierarchy and use a heatmap to learn where you should put the most important visual assets.

Don’t ignore people with disabilities, either. Implement tools that give users with colorblindness the option to alter how they view your site. For those who can’t see or read, make sure your site has text-to-speech options too.

Organize the site’s text too.

Avoid throwing huge walls of text at people. Keep paragraphs short, making them easier to scroll through on a phone. Break the monotony with images, videos, infographics, and smart ads placement.

3. Optimize Landing Page Design

Is a high bounce rate good or bad? Don’t look at your website’s general bounce rate. It won’t tell you much.

Instead, look at the bounce rate of individual numbers. If your landing pages dedicated to boosting conversions sees a high bounce, then you know something’s wrong. People are leaving your page without subscribing, buying, or getting in touch.

That means you need to optimize these landing pages. Make sure these pages load quickly. CTA options, like an Add to Cart or Buy Now button, should appear in the upper fold, and they catch attention.

Simplify forms too. Try to keep forms short as this entices people to complete them. Longer forms seem intrusive and can take too long, dissuading people from even looking at them.

4. Simplify UI and UX

Speaking of simplifying, make sure navigating your site is easy and intuitive. Your UI should focus on improving the user experience (UX) at all times.

It shouldn’t take more than a few clicks for someone to reach any specific page. At the same time, it should only take one click to go back to their account page or the homepage.

Add a search bar. This guarantees that newcomers will be able to find their way around your site, even if they get a little lost. Without it, they might simply leave and look for similar products or services elsewhere.

People should be able to identify links, buttons, and ads. Hovering over a menu shouldn’t feel intrusive or difficult. Clicking on your logo on the top banner should always bring people back to the homepage; it’s a habit for many, so follow this trend.

5. Study the Numbers

What does a high bounce rate indicate? For a landing page, it means people leave your site without taking any profitable action. They’re not subscribing or purchasing something.

However, you need to read the numbers and understand why. Don’t simply look at the bounce rate and decide you need to revamp everything.

Check how long they stick around. Use a heatmap and check which portions of the page people check out the most. Run tests on each page on a PC and then on mobile to find any discrepancies.

Where is the traffic coming from? People visiting your pages might be coming from backlinks that don’t indicate relevance to the page’s content. You might be generating poorly-directed traffic from outdated ads or social media posts, for example.

6. Test Multiple Times

When bounce rates are high, and you invested in different solutions, make sure to test everything before going live. Run A/B split tests involving different focus groups to check which versions of your solutions will reduce bounce rates the most.

Of course, you can get away without testing, but that’s putting every effort you made at risk. You won’t know how effective the changes are until exposed to the public.

Not sure how to run split tests? There is one good solution to get this done right, and it ties with the next tip: hire the experts.

7. Hire Professional Help

When your bounce rate is high, hiring professional web designers and SEO experts is always better. They have the skills and experience to better understand the metrics revealed by your analytics tools.

Speaking of tools, they’ll have better software and tools to rework your site. They’ll have the necessary plugins to install on your site.

Yes, hiring experts can cost a bit, but their fixes will boost your conversion rates and keep bounce rates low. At the end of the day, the benefits will outweigh the initial expenses.

Reduce High Bounce Rate Now

Dealing with a high bounce rate can seem difficult, but these seven tips will set you on the right path. Make sure to hire experts, test everything, simplify your UI, and improve UX. Boost site speed and use good visuals for added benefits!

Of course, hiring the experts is always the best shot you have. Fortunately, we’re already right to give you a helping hand. Contact us right here, and let us help you out!

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