What is an authority site? How can my website become one?

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When it comes to web traffic there are a few different things to consider, the first is authority sites. What is an authority site you might ask? This question is easier to answer than you might imagine.

What is an Authority Website?

An authority site is quite simply a site that is trusted by users, search engines, as well as other sites and industry experts. This type of site is going to be one that is backed by multiple sources, that has references, and that many people use for information and knowledge.

Which Sites Have Authority

A niche website is a great example of an authority website. Niche sites are sites that specialize in one thing. These can be sites like those that are dedicated to a certain television show, sites that are dedicated to showing how to perform a particular task, those sites that are focused on an event, and so on. These sites have extensive knowledge and extensive information about a particular subject and they specialize in this subject. Another type of authority site are sites like major news publishers, industry blogs, and well regarded sites.

Who Decides Authority?

In general, Google and other search engines are the parameter by which the authority of a site is going to be measured. These search engines are going to rank the site by the information that is provided and other factors to help you decide what sites are going to be deemed authoritative and what sites are not.

Why Does Authority Matter?

Authority sites are very valuable when it comes to SEO, linking, ranking, and more. A link from a high authority site will give your own site more credence than twenty links from sites that have low or no authority.

How to Get Authority Links

If you create a site that has valuable, well researched information you are far more likely to get an authority site to link to your website. If you for instance create content regularly that is worth while, that is relevant, and that is backed by research and fact you can actually garner links from high authority sites naturally or by promoting through social media outlets.

Can You Check Site Authority?

There are some options when it comes to checking site authority and one great resource is a company like Moz and their Open Site Explorer. See the example below for the authority rating for NBA.com.


Improving Your Own Sites Authority

You can also improve the authority of your own site by engaging viewers, giving them a clear navigation path on your site, publish things that are worthwhile and that you yourself would like to read. It helps if you are publishing things that are new and that are relevant as well as those that are going to be useful for the long run. If you have had your site for a time and it does seem to have relevant information you can also help your site and your site authority.

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