5 WordPress Plugins That’ll Help Get Your SEO Game On Point

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Are you having some trouble increasing traffic to your WordPress website?

With WordPress used to create almost 31% of websites to date, it’s become one of the most popular content management systems available on the internet. That doesn’t automatically mean people will flock to your corner of the Internet, however.

Most people using WordPress don’t realize there are plugins available that can help them improve their SEO. These plugins are crucial to optimize content and gain visibility and traffic.

For you to avoid this, here is a list of 5 WordPress plugins we recommend you pick up to help you stay on top of the search list:

1. Yoast SEO

With a design that’s easy to understand and system that even beginners can use, Yoast may be the best WordPress SEO plugin.

Yoast analyzes your content to check if it is SEO-ready. It achieves this by checking the keywords written in and counting how many times you’ve used it.

This plugin also features a traffic light system that tells you if your content is good to go or if it needs more improvement. Red means the content is not optimized at all, yellow means you could make some improvements, and green means the page is well-optimized.

If you can afford it, there is premium content available that further helps with your blogs and website building. Like a feature that suggests internal links as you write your article.

2. Google Analyticator

With Google controlling over 73% of the market’s share for search engines, you have to play by their rules to have a chance to appear higher on the search list.

With the help of this easy-to-install plugin, you can review all the details of the traffic that comes to your website.

It also has a direct link to Google Analytics. Which means, assuming you have an account set up with it, you can view your statistics on your WordPress dashboard.

The plugin also includes multiple tracking features that help you keep a record of your downloads and such for future reference.

3. WP Smush

Images are a crucial factor for the success of any site. They break up the content, making your posts easier for visitors to digest. It also prevents your posts from becoming monotonous.

However, better pictures often leads to bigger files. These take a long time to load and slower pages, both of which drag down your SEO efforts. WP Smush fixes this by compressing the images without ruining image quality.

You can even compress a bunch of photos simultaneously. This makes the process quick and easy.

4. SEO Friendly Images

This tool is a must if you plan on having a lot of images on your website. As it will help your website rank by tagging the images the available indices online.

While it places most of the tags on its own, the plugin also allows you to input your own tags on your images by changing their ALT and TITLE attributes.

The ALT attribute determines the description of the image when a user search it online. While the TITLE shows what text will appear when a user hovers over the image.

5. WP Super Cache

If you want your site to work even faster, utilize WP Super Cache. It takes a cached version of your site, a static HTML version, and serves it to the vast majority of visitors. It will deliver this quicker version to people who don’t comment regularly, who aren’t logged in or didn’t check out password-protected content.

The best thing about this plugin is that it works independently. You don’t need a separate caching engine installed. You also get CDN support and easy page custom page compression too.

Get the Best WordPress Plugins Now

Use these 5 WordPress plugins to improve your online visibility and climb the search list!

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