4 Myths About SEO That You Need to See

Topics: SEM Tips, SEO Tips, Web Marketing Written on April 26, 2017 by Surfaced Media

The SEO industry is a magnet for change.

The updates, the penalties, the industry talk… the list goes on.

So, it’s understandable that all of the back – and – forth can leave your head spinning.

Fear not.

We’re sharing the most common SEO myths you need to see and then leave behind in 2017 to supercharge your marketing efforts.

Let’s dive in!

SEO Myth #1: Exact Keyword Matches are Vital

Since SEO sprang into existence, keywords have been the hinging point. They matter in a BIG way.

However, as Google’s search algorithm has gotten smarter with the integration of artificial intelligence (RankBrain) so too has it’s factoring in of keywords.

This update means keywords no longer need to be used word-for-word throughout your content.

Your intended audience will still be able to find you as long as you use similar words and phrases that relate to your targeted keywords.

SEO Myth #2: Link Building is Finished

Actually, link building is alive and well. Sure, it’s evolved and left behind the more “spammy” side but it’s around and it’s key to your SEO success.

Our best advice, integrate link building into your content marketing strategy.

Now more than ever, link building needs to be au naturel – toss any mathematical “link building formulas” out.

Tactics to help you earn quality links:

  • Develop high-quality content
  • Make nice with the thought leaders in your niche
  • Add your voice to pertinent online communities
  • Ask your promoters ( people who love what you do) to share your work

These strategies allow you to earn your links in a more natural way that will allow you to increase your site’s presence and traffic without penalties.

SEO Myth #3: Meta Descriptions Don’t Matter To SERPs

While Google does not use meta descriptions (or meta keywords) in their search engine rankings they still matter. Why? Three words. Click through rate.

Click through rate IS part of the algorithmic ranking process for Bing and other search engines, so we’d assume it plays a role in the ever-secretive Google formula too. Regardless, CTR directly relates to user behavior.

Think about it. The ranking page pops –up and what’s the first thing searchers see? The site’s description.

The words in your meta description are what they’ll use to decide whether or not to visit your site!

Relevant results drive clicks and clicks drive engagement – the ultimate prize.

SEO Myth #4: SEO is a One-Time Thing

Many business owners hesitate to spend money on SEO efforts because they’ve invested before and the ROI was dismal or so they thought.

The thing is SEO is an overall marketing strategy, so to get top results you have to invest in it over the long-term.

What if you planted seeds in hopes of gaining a bountiful garden but then watered it once and gave up. Do you think you’d be awash in vegetables? Nope!

SEO is no different; it needs constant care and attention to thrive.

Things like link rot, search engine algorithm updates, adding new web pages, and the like require continual SEO maintenance.

Now with these four common SEO myths debunked – take the time to find any missed opportunities and fine tune your SEO strategy for the better!

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