Tips to Create a Social Media Friendly Landing Page

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Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that has the ability to change the way visitors view your landing page. It also has the ability to quickly and completely change the success of your site and the overall success of your landing page. There are a few different things you can do achieve this overall feel and with some minor work anyone can do it.

Social Media as a Mindset

You must first and foremost get into the social media mindset. Those that frequently get on social media tend to have a shorter general attention span, which means your page needs to grab their attention quickly and find a way to keep it. If you have a landing page that is overcrowded or hard to look through, these viewers are likely going to take one look and move on. Instead, you should make sure your landing page has a few simple options and they are clear and concise so they can make a decision and move on to other parts of your site. If you have content you want them to see specifically, make sure it is front and center and easy to get to.

Your Website Shouldn’t Be a Stranger

The next step to optimizing your page is to think about what channel you are trying to get. This means if you are trying to draw in Facebook users, Twitter users, or Tumblr users, then try to make your landing page fit. It is going to be far easier to catch a viewer and keep them if you have a page that is similar to the page that they came from. This will make it easier for them to navigate, easier for them to find the content that they want, and overall easier for them to really delve into what your site has to offer.

  • Keep the copy and content consistent with the voice of the fans that you have on social media
  • Keep visuals clean and easy to use as well as in line with the social media site you are leaning toward
  • Don’t ask for more than the conversion that you truly need
  • Save the Like, +1, Pin it and other social media buttons that you can find so that you can place them on the confirmation page of your site

You can also alter your pages with different themes to mimic the pages and sites that you are targeting to keep from having to do a complete redesign of your current site.

  • Desktop versions of Facebook and Twitter are similar and lend themselves well to boosting conversion rates
  • Minimizing copy in order to maximize visual call to action can work better with Pintrest, YouTube and Instagram audiences
  • Landing pages that are fit to the channel you are looking at help with testing and getting a better understanding of the social sphere of influence of your brand, this can also boost your SEO

How Are You Helping Your Mobile Audience?

Another thing to consider is that those individuals that are using social media are likely on their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. There are very few people that actually sit down at a desktop to check their Facebook. That being said, you should also work to make sure that your landing page is mobile user friendly. You should pay close attention to how your site works for those that are using smaller touch screens.

  • Check boxes and radio buttons work better than drop down menus
  • Do not ask mobile users to type in loads of information in text boxes, it is annoying and difficult
  • Consider a social sign up button that will work with your site to fill in all the basic info straight from the users profile
  • Make buttons big and easily tapped, this is a first step to great social media marketing

Make sure that overall you are working to make your landing page easy to use, to the point, and easy for mobile users as well. You can often get users to stay on your page or work with you if you offer them a landing page that is similar to the page that they already left.

Surfaced Media has helped many business, especially in the Atlanta area, thrive with social media and we’d love to help your business as well. A properly executed social media game plan can do wonders for your business’s growth, online reputation and presence. Feel free to contact us or give us a call at (770) 369-9960 to discuss your goals!

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