Top 10 Web Development Trends for 2019

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The world of web development is always changing. Just take a look at websites from almost 10 years ago. Websites today perform better, are optimized for multiple devices, and web development technology is constantly expanding.

Websites are under constant innovation. This is why every year brings new trends to the world of web development.

2019 definitely has some trends website owners need to know about. Whether you’re making a new website or are updating an existing one, knowing these trends will ensure your website keeps up with the time.

Here are 10 web development trends that you’ll see everywhere this year.

10 Web Development Trends That Will Influence the Performance of Your Website

Time to ditch your old website! These web development trends will change and improve the performance of your website.

1. Frontend Frameworks

Frontend frameworks consist of pre-written and standardized code. This helps streamline the coding process, convenient for both the developer and the website owner. In addition, this also simplifies the design process.

There are many programs that help expedite this process. These include Vue.js, React, and Angular. Streamlining the website’s framework will help you put more focus on the design and other UX features of the website.

2. Progressive Web Apps

First, if you haven’t developed a web app yet, you’re definitely behind on the times. The average mobile user uses nine apps every single day! This means the app market is huge for all businesses.

What if you can’t afford a mobile app? You can create a mobile-friendly website similar to a mobile app.

This is called a progressive web app. These websites better adapt to the mobile screen size, the browser’s capabilities, and device specifications.

These mobile-centered features go beyond the average mobile website. Since they tap into device specifications, your website can even work offline! You can achieve an app and a mobile website all in one.

3. GraphQL Replaces REST APIs

GraphQL is a query language developed by Facebook. It’s replacing REST APIs.

GraphQL decouples your frontend from your backend. This improves server efficiency.

For the longest time, REST was the standard for web APIs.

This year, we’re seeing more developers replacing REST with GraphQL. This is because GraphQL is more flexible and is better optimized for changing web development requirements.

4. Static and Single-Page Websites

Today, you should decide if you want a static or a single-page website.

Static websites are written in HTML and CSS and don’t involve scripting. These web pages are delivered to the browser exactly as stored, helping organize your data better.

They’re also more reliable, secure, affordable, and faster than dynamic websites.

But if you can opt for a single-page website. This includes all essential data on one page and is better optimized for mobile.

5. Web Components

Web components are features that provide a standard component model which allows for encapsulation of individual HTML tags. They work across all browsers and can be used with any Javascript library, as long as it can be used with HTML.

Common examples include UI website elements and widgets.

You should only optimize your website for web components but you should also create your own components and reuse existing web components.

6. Cross-Platform Apps

We all know you should optimize your website for multiple devices. But what if you could make your website or app sync across multiple devices?

This helps your user access and transfer their data from a variety of different devices. In addition, users can access their data on any type of device, regardless of if it’s Apple or Android.

To do this, you’ll need a specific framework. Ionic or Electron are good examples.

7. Machine Learning

For years, AI was at the forefront.

But it was restrictive in some ways. But machine learning came in and fixed all issues with AI. Machine learning enables programs to collect and synthesize new information. This puts the focus on user experience, improving it in the long run.

How do you optimize your website for machine learning? Fortunately, many tools, such as TensorFlow, can use Javascript to make machine learning models. But you have many services to choose from.

8. Serverless Applicators

Do you have your own server? If so, there’s no need for it anymore in 2019. Not only are servers expensive but there are easier ways to manage your servers.

Serverless applicators are a great example. These applicators utilize cloud technology to make your website scalable, reduce your workload, and overall save money.

In addition, many common web applications better support serverless applicators. This includes Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

9. Blockchain Technology

Ransomware cost businesses $11.5 billion so far this year. To prevent ransomware, don’t make it easy to retrieve your data from your website.

Implementing blockchain technology give you that extra bit of protection against hackers.

Blockchain is famous for Bitcoin, which is an untraceable currency. The chain is hash linked, meaning each piece of data has an extra layer of protection. Your data will be protected while you can add more data and change your website.

10. Chatbots

How often do you visit a website and a little chatbot appears? This is becoming the biggest innovator in web-based customer service. Most of the time, there’s a computer on the other side!

AI is smart enough to answer the questions that humans have. This helps increase efficiency and you save money. Chatbots help you save 30% of your revenue so you know your competitors are likely utilizing these services, too.

Find a Talented Web Developer for Your Website

It’s always best to ensure your website keeps up with the times. This is why you follow web development trends.

If you’re not a web developer, you can hire or outsource a talented web team for your business.

This is essential, not only to implement these trends. An experienced web developer will create a well-functioning website for your company.

We’re a cutting-edge web development team. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our portfolio and see how we can improve your website.

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