Best Security Plugin for WordPress: Which One Keeps Bad Guys Out?

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If you buy a house, you’re probably going to want to invest in a lock for the front door. It’s common sense to establish some sort of security for your investment. Sometimes you may want to invest in a full security suite.

The same sort of logic should apply with your WordPress website. You should spend time looking for the best security plugin for WordPress. Just because you found the perfect template, included all your data, and made sure everything is up and running doesn’t mean you’re done. Now, you need to protect all the hard work you put into the site.

There are around 30,000 websites hacked per day. Only, unlike somebody breaking into your house, people can wreak havoc if they access your site. Not only do they suddenly have access to your personal information, but can use your site to distribute malware.

Keep reading for a few of the best security plugins that will secure your WordPress website. Most importantly, they will keep you and your users safe!

1. Sucuri Security – Perhaps the Best Security Plugin for WordPress.

When you’re looking for a security plugin, you want something that can just do everything. You’re also probably looking to save a few dollars. If that’s the case, look no farther than Sucuri Security.

The plugin offers a free and paid version. While the paid version may be worth it for sites with higher activity, most people can get by with the free version. And that’s just because it does so much.

The plugin monitors activity to make sure there is nothing suspicious happening on your websites. It also offers security hardening services, which refines your security systems and hides vulnerabilities better.

The paid version offers more security scans than the paid one. It also gives you access to customer support channels. The premium version also gives users a website firewall, which can come in handy for larger websites.

Both the paid and free versions are easy to install. The plugin’s main page even offers a step-by-step guide, complete with pictures for users unfamiliar with installing plugins.

2. Wordfence Security – Its Popularity Speaks for Itself.

Wordfence is a tool developed by a legitimate team of developers, all focused on WordPress website security. As a result, it is one of the most powerful tools any web developer has at their disposal today.

While the free version offers basic security and is sufficient for small websites, its full power is unleashed when you buy a paid plan. When you shell out the $99 for a license, you get access to a robust firewall which allows you to monitor traffic in real time.

You also gain access to tools which can prevent specific IP addresses from accessing your site. While you may want to blacklist specific users, premium plans also let you check if you’ve been blacklisted. If your website was found distributing malware, you may have been blocked from search results. Wordfence can check, and help you address the issue.

Wordfence also has a unique pricing system. If you only need the one license for your website, then you can expect to pay $99. But for developers managing multiple websites, the pricing is different. Each tier of bulk license orders gets you a discount. If you need to protect 15 or more websites, then you’re only going to need to pay $29 for each one.

3. WP fail2ban – Brutally Blocking Brute Force Attacks and Brutish Users.

A common hacker technique is to write programs that guess user passwords, repeatedly. These programs can try thousands of passwords in the span of a few minutes. Eventually, they can land on the right one and essentially hack into an account.

WP fail2ban includes a plugin that prevents such attacks, for free. The plugin is a logging machine and collects almost all important user behavior on your website. Login attempts are collected and logged, allowing you to easily identify if someone is trying to surreptitiously access an account.

You can compare the location and IP address information with other attempts to check this. You can also look at how many times a person tries to log into an account. Trying too many times at once should alert you that something may be up.

WP fail2ban also gives you control over how people comment on your website. You can block malicious comments or spam. And since everything is logged even if you delete a comment, or a user deletes it themselves, you still have proof. So if a user complains about being banned for something on a forum, you can prove to them they broke the rules.

4. Jetpack – Soaring Through WordPress Websites With Endless Features.

Most WordPress users are familiar with Jetpack. It’s made by the same people who help make WordPress great and offers a variety of features. With it, you can customize your site and select from professional themes. It helps to improve your site’s speed and your social media presence.

It also helps secure your site. The free version offers basic functionality, such as whitelisting and brute force protection. Since it’s made by the same people who work on WordPress itself, it’s also easy to use and integrate.

The paid versions also give you access to stronger, and streamlined, features. Your website is automatically backed up at the $99 plan. You also get to monitor your website for malware and other nasty tricks hackers can use to ruin your hard work.

Not only do you benefit from security features at the paid levels, but you also get access to other tools to improve your website. For example, you will also get access to email marketing and social media tools, as well as ones that optimize the site. Some features can even help your SEO.

Plus, since it’s made by the same people who work on WordPress, it’s automatically updated and seamlessly works with WordPress websites.

The Best Security Plugin For WordPress Is The One That Works For You.

Different websites have different security needs. While smaller websites can get by with basic functionality, larger ones will benefit from firewalls and automatic monitoring.

Either way, all websites should have some level of security accompanying them. Just like how some houses have locks on their doors and others have cameras and gates, the right amount of security depends on many factors. Without any security, your site will be hacked.

Cost, functionality, adaptability, and optimization are all important factors when picking the best security plugin for WordPress. The workload to install and manage your website should be factored in.

However, that last consideration can be offset by contacting professionals to help you with your website. Contacting a professional is like calling a contractor for your home. They’re only there to help get you what you want. Just like contractors, we make your vision a reality.

Contact us, and we will set you up with your next big website for your business, personal page, or anything else. As the web changes, we change with it too. Connect with us for the latest trends affecting the internet today.

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