How to Use Google Adwords

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If you’re looking to generate more organic traffic to your site quickly, Google Adwords is the way to do so. This paid advertising service can help your page rank higher in the trenches.

It brings SEO efforts around full circle by complementing current strategies. Since content marketing can be a slow-moving process for companies in competitive fields, this can be your opportunity to break through.

Getting into that first-page real estate is the primary goal of most advertisers. Keep reading to learn how SEO Adwords can make that possible.

Do Your Research

As with all advertising strategies, the first step is preparation. You need to do keyword research to learn what your customers are searching for and also to understand your competition.

These competitors might not be the rival local businesses in your area. For SEO Adwords, your competitor is the business who’s bidding for the same keywords as you.

By analyzing what they’re doing, you can see how they’re making conversions. Your Google account will give you insight into this, but you can also check SpyFu.

Keyword Research

Next comes keyword research. Again, your Google account offers a free Keyword Planner, which lets you input phrases to discover related search terms.

But, do remember that just because a search term has a lower bid, it doesn’t mean it’s a good option.

Keyphrases won’t have high bids if they have low commercial intent. Answer the Public is a great service to see what customers actually are looking for.

Optimizing Campaigns

The next item to consider is the region you serve. The location of your ads is highly important, so you need to know where your customers are coming from.

Location targeting will display your advertisement in your respective area. Visit the Audience page from your Campaign Setting section to target specific locations.

You should evaluate your campaign’s success very often. You have to see what is and isn’t performing well to make the necessary adjustments.

Adwords won’t charge you to test new ads. As SEO is an ongoing process, you’ll want to come up with new ad copy regularly to test with your current strategies.

Ad Copy

The last major item on your Adword agenda is to develop and publish your content. Now that you know what your audience is searching for, you can use the phrases you know will drive results.

You have 30 words for the headline, 80 words for the description, and a URL. So, you need to be straightforward and enticing and have the relevant information.

Users want to know the cost of a product, its estimated arrival date, and the credibility of the seller. Make sure your ad copy answers these questions.

For More of SEO Adwords

As you can see, there’s a lot to know about this digital marketing strategy. Although it takes time to master, it’s one of the most effective means for bringing in new customers.

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