What Can a PPC Management Company Do for You? A Closer Look

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How effective are pay-per-click advertisements, really? Pretty effective – 65% of consumers have clicked on PPC ads.

But there’s no guarantee that your PPC strategy will be successful. In fact, if the wrong ads are shown to the wrong people, you can count on your PPC campaign to be a sunken cost.

But with the right approach, a PPC strategy can be one of the most lucrative ad strategies yet. A PPC management company will provide the expertise and manpower necessary to boost your online presence.

Keep reading to learn more about PPC management and what you’ll get from PPC services.

What Is a PPC Management Company?

PPC management companies are responsible for overseeing the online paid advertising campaigns for their clients. PPC stands for pay-per-click and can be used on any platform from social media to the ads on top of search engines like Google Ads.

A PPC company will manage campaigns by ensuring that the right information is optimized to convert the most leads based on the budget of a client.

PPC companies also use numerous tracking and measurement tools to see how effective campaigns are and recommend further digital strategies.

Every PPC company will have a different approach. Some may focus on certain platforms more heavily than others, while others will use tech tools like machine-learning to optimize strategy.

What Does a PPC Management Company Do?

From setting up a PPC strategy to optimizing it for the long run, a PPC management company will oversee your entire PPC strategy. Here’s a bit more about what they do.

Keyword Research

You might know a thing or two about keywords. For instance, you likely know that ranking for certain keywords is the best way to be the most visible on search engines.

But you may not know some of the more nuanced parts of keywords, like which ones are the most competitive and how long a keyword phrase should be.

A PPC company will conduct extensive research on popular keywords that are relevant to your company and will discover the ones that have the highest chance of visibility with the lowest amount of competition.

They’ll also find unique long-tail keywords that are unique enough to make your business stand out. Generic keywords that are sure to get lost.

Audience Breakdown

While you may have an understanding of who your target audience is, a PPC specialist will hone in on that market even further. They may even discover that you have a lucrative area that should be getting more attention.

If you’re finding that your PPC efforts haven’t been successful thus far, a PPC company will find out who you should be approaching instead.

Once they identify the right audience, they’ll create relevant ads and place them on the corresponding platforms.

Channel Strategy

PPC marketing utilizes numerous channels, including Google Ads (previously Google AdWords), Bing Ads, and social media placements.

But certain PPC strategies will be more effective based on your business. For example, LinkedIn will be the best platform for B2B business owners. 80% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn ads.

If you’re on the more creative side of things, Instagram’s grid format may be a better choice for your ads. And if you’re looking to reach a younger audience, maybe go for TikTok.

Competitive Analysis

PPC managers will keep track of your efforts to see how successful you’re doing, but they’ll also keep track of your competitors.

Having an eye on the competitor will allow you to modify your strategy to be even more effective. But looking out for what competitors are doing is time-consuming and often only rewarding if a PPC company is doing the work with the right technologies.

For example, a PPC company can take a look at a few popular search queries related to your business. Their tools will help them determine if they’ll bid directly against the competitor or if they’ll look to find a different query that has a better chance for ranking.

Negative Match Elimination

And a PPC marketing company won’t just help you find the keywords you should use – they’ll also help you determine what you shouldn’t.

PPC companies will help you optimize your ad spending by filtering out users who have low returns. These users are determined by creating categories and seeing if the users match that category.

For instance, a retailer might use a negative match to create a PPC strategy designed for only its top spenders. A local business might limit advertisements to searchers within a 20-mile radius.


A PPC strategy can only be optimized if there’s enough data to analyze what’s working and what’s not.

A PPC agency will track and store ample amounts of data to modify your PPC strategy for the most success. PPC optimization tactics include A/B testing, targeting adjustments, and bid strategy changes.

They’ll also use features like ad scheduling to make sure that the right content is being released at exactly the right moment.

In addition, PPC companies will keep track of changing search engine algorithms and deliver an ad campaign that is search-engine friendly.

Who Should Hire a PPC Management Company?

PPC companies are helpful for any businesses that are looking to expand or reach a higher target audience. In many cases, hiring a PPC manager will pay for itself by generating more conversions.

Companies that are new to online advertising can eliminate the trial-and-error process by hiring a PPC company.

Firms without an in-house marketing agency or who lack the manpower to oversee PPC would also benefit from PPC services.

PPC usually requires an expensive database and software for the best PPC management. Companies looking to be the most cost-effective should hire a PPC company so they don’t have to use this software themselves.

Hiring a PPC Management Company

Don’t leave the success of your PPC strategy up to chance. By hiring a PPC management company, you can be confident that you’ll see greater returns.

For more information on digital marketing strategies, reach out to one of our team members.

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